The bookmaker returned almost 1 million pounds stolen by their VIP punter

online gamblingAs you know, the British regulator is very strict to violators. Especially to those who ignore the signs of addiction in their punters and allow them to play. Apparently this is why the famous bookmaker Ladbrokes offered a secret deal to the victims who were robbed of their money by the punter who cheated them.  

According to the rules, gambling operators are obliged to prevent gambling if they realize that a punter shows signs of addiction and is spending beyond his means. But this is gambling, so some casinos and bookmakers go against the rules for more money. Recently it was revealed that one of the VIP punters at Ladbrokes stole about a million pounds from his customers and spent it on gambling bets. In its desire to hide this fact and avoid punishment, the operator even agreed to give the victims their money back. In return, Ladbrokes asked them to keep everything a secret so that the UK Gambling Commission would not find out about it. However, they miscalculated. The case surfaced, and now the bookmaker will definitely face punishment. And for the attempt to conceal the fact of the violation, they may be charged more than the amount of the fine. The Gambling Commission has already said that they are dealing with the case. They noted that they expect full cooperation from the licensees. That’s what they do in the best online casino

A representative of Ladbrokes made a short statement announcing that they are cooperating with the regulator on necessary matters and are not commenting on the situation at this time. On this topic A subject about the risks of gambling is being introduced in schools in Britain According to the VIP punter who had the whole thing happen, he told his personal manager that he might be addicted and that he wanted to quit gambling. Apparently, this was not a signal to them to restrict his play. An article on the Guardian says that the account manager wrote to the punter about the new rules on verifying his sources of income and asked that he be sent a bank statement to see his income. The punter didn’t respond, and the manager wrote,”Don’t worry buddy, that’s not necessary right now.” For two years, the bookmaker showered his VIP punter with expensive gifts, paying for his flights, sending him tickets to major sporting matches, and opening him up to good credit. What’s more, while the punter was trying to fight his addiction, his personal manager persistently lured him back, charging thousands of pounds in bonuses and offering other gifts. Eventually he lost his home, his family, and his company. The gambler himself decided to break the non-disclosure agreement and appealed to the UK Gambling Commission. He hopes that the victims will be able to legally get their money back, and the regulator will know that the operator has absolutely no respect for the rules.